Teleteria Inc Review | Jay Servidio Review

A major cause of an increasing attrition rate in many companies, is generally ineffective or inappropriate feedback and lack of effective employee management. That does not happen at Teleteria.
Employees are the most important assets of any organization, playing a major role in its success or failure. However, ineffective feedback can affect the productivity of the employees and ruin the entire work environment. To avoid this, Jay Servidio President and Founder of Teleteria employs a mechanism that helps employees understand their strengths and weaknesses in a constructive manner. A good feedback for their performance can increase the productivity, enthusiasm, and satisfaction levels among the employees.
When I started my first site with Teleteria back in 1998 I had been assigned a designer. That same designer is still there working and having a busy terrific career.

Teleteria uses genuine feedback which helps employees  analyze themselves in a better way and paves the way for self-improvement. It also gives them a chance to recognize their mistakes and take corrective measures. It is important to maintain a constant dialog with the employees says Jay Servidio through a good communication pattern in the company. During the performance appraisal process, it is essential to convey the message precisely and aptly. Avoid being dominating and aggressive while talking to the employees. An egalitarian approach is the key to a successful feedback process. Given below are some examples, that will help you to conduct an effective and constructive feedback session.

I read lots of posts about Teleteria. The positive ones from people who are successful and the negative ones by the losers. I have always been taught to stick with the winners. I have had Teleteria build over 100 sites for my company and I never had a bad one.